How to Factory Reset Blink Outdoor Camera

How to Factory Reset Blink Outdoor Camera

Blink cameras are some of the best mid-range smart cameras available in 2023. Everything in the Blink lineup is easy to install, easy to use, and offers everything you’d want in a security camera – such as motion alerts, night vision, and high-definition video capture.

However, if you’re preparing to sell the devices or are encountering technical hiccups, you might consider resetting your Blink cameras. This process is just as painless as the initial setup, although it varies slightly from camera to camera. Here’s a closer look at how to reset Blink cameras and how to reconnect them to your Wi-Fi network.

Is there a reset button on Blink cameras?

All Blink cameras have a reset button on them somewhere. Although for the cameras that connect to the Sync Module, you would reset the module instead of resetting the camera itself. The Blink Mini's reset button returns the unit back to factory default settings.

How to reset most Blink Cameras

Most Blink cameras (the Indoor, Outdoor, XT, and XT2) require a Blink Sync Module to work and connect to your phone or other devices. The Sync Module is what connects all cameras to the internet. That said, instead of having to reset your cameras, you can simply reset the module and then re-add the cameras to it. Mind you, you may want to power cycle your modem and Sync Module before resorting to resetting the system.

Step 1: Press and hold the reset button on the side of the Sync Module until the LED blinks red.

Step 2: Release the button and wait for the LED to blink green and blue.

Step 3: The Sync Module is now in set up mode. All cameras will now be offline.

Step 4: Delete the Sync Module from your Blink app.

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