The Samsung Galaxy Watch FE is en route

The Samsung Galaxy Watch FE is en route

Samsung is working on a Galaxy Watch FE, which means 2024 could be more FE-ified than any other year before it, considering we've also recently heard mumblings about a Galaxy Z Fold FE and Galaxy Z Flip FE and the S24 FE arriving too.

The Watch FE is said to have specs very similar to those of the Galaxy Watch4 from 2021, which is anything but encouraging-sounding. A while back a rumor claimed Samsung would launch a Galaxy Watch4 (2024) model, but it looks like this has since been renamed as Galaxy Watch FE.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4

The Watch FE will have the model numbers SM-R866F, SM-R866U, and SM-R866N in various parts of the world, and it should get a global launch.

Its exact specs haven't been outed, but it's expected to be very close to the aforementioned Galaxy Watch4, and of course launching at a lower price compared to the upcoming Galaxy Watch7 series. Think of the Galaxy Watch FE as being to Samsung what the Apple Watch SE is to Apple - a more affordable option designed to get people into wearables.

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