The iPhone 17 Slim will be priced higher than the iPhone 17 Pro Max

The iPhone 17 Slim will be priced higher than the iPhone 17 Pro Max

We've been aware of Apple's plans to overhaul its iPhone lineup next year, phasing out the Plus model in favor of introducing a Slim version. However, our previous understanding was that the iPhone 17 Slim would serve as a thinner alternative to the Plus.

Today's report suggests a different scenario. Contrary to expectations, the iPhone 17 Slim is slated to be positioned as the pinnacle of the lineup, surpassing even the iPhone 17 Pro Max in terms of both features and price.

Apple seems to love thinness these days, having recently released the thinnest device it's ever made in the 13" iPad Pro, and is now apparently looking to trim down the iPhone as well - and, in true Apple fashion, at a premium.

Several sources have allegedly described the iPhone 17 Slim as an iPhone X-level leap in terms of design language for Apple, and by the time 2025 hits, it will definitely be time for a fresh look. It's expected to be "significantly thinner" than any other iPhone before it, and may employ an aluminum chassis.

The design hasn't been finalized yet, and Apple is apparently still looking at several options. The Dynamic Island will be smaller, while the rear camera island is likely to move to the center of the phone. The screen size isn't clear yet, this report states, even though a previous rumor said the iPhone 17 Slim's display will be smaller than the iPhone 15 Plus'.

In case you're wondering why the Plus model will be discontinued after this year, it's simple - sales numbers. The new Slim iPhone could instead act like a halo model, attracting people much more than the Plus ever could.

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