Samsung Galaxy Ring will blink if you lose it

Samsung Galaxy Ring will blink if you lose it

Samsung semi-unveiled its first smart ring, aptly named Galaxy Ring, back in February at MWC, with a full introduction expected in July at the company's next Unpacked event. We've already covered its battery capacities (which vary by size) and the rumored pricing.

Now, an APK teardown of the Samsung Find app has revealed additional details about the ring. It will feature a Lost mode, enabling you to make the ring blink to help locate it.

The Galaxy Ring will employ an LED light for its Lost mode. Once activated, the Samsung Find app will inform you whether it has successfully made the ring blink or if it is unable to connect.

Additionally, Lost mode allows you to lock your Samsung account from the Samsung Find app, ensuring no one else can use the ring or access your information if it's truly lost.

This feature surpasses what Samsung's main competitor, Oura, offers for its rings. Oura's rings enter a Restricted Mode when attempting to pair with a new device, prompting the Oura app to perform a factory reset. Unfortunately, this procedure erases all data since the last sync.

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