iPhone 17 to sport scratch-resistant, anti-reflective glass, akin to Galaxy S24 Ultra

iPhone 17 to sport scratch-resistant, anti-reflective glass, akin to Galaxy S24 Ultra

If you've been on the tech-related internet for any amount of time, you probably know that Apple invented everything and all Android device makers like Samsung ever do is copy the almighty Cupertino-based company (yes that was sarcasm, take it as such). 

Today a disturbing rumor has surfaced - disturbing for those who hold the belief described above, that is. It seems like Apple has gotten very inspired by Samsung's anti-reflective Gorilla Glass Armor fitted to the Galaxy S24 Ultra, so much so that it will have one too just in time for the iPhone 17 in 2025.

iPhone 15 vs. Galaxy S24 Ultra reflections

Not just that, but its glass will be more scratch-resistant than the current Ceramic Shield. That same glass will have an anti-reflective layer, just like glasses do (or mechanical watches, for that matter). Unfortunately the coating equipment hasn't made it to Apple's supply chain in time for this to be applied to the iPhone 16 family, hence why we'll have to wait until next year to see Apple directly copy a Samsung thing.

This sounds like pretty much the exact same product (Gorilla Glass Armor) that's used by Samsung - Corning (its maker) claims it cuts reflections by 75%, and is over four times more scratch resistant than competing solutions.

But even if it just buys the stuff from Corning, Apple will never tell you that. Instead, this will be branded as Ceramic Shield Ultimate or something like that in order to create the illusion that Apple has something incredibly unique - you know, just like the original Ceramic Shield, which was developed by Corning "in partnership with Apple", whatever that means.

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