Google Tensor G4 Takes on Geekbench 5

Google Tensor G4 Takes on Geekbench 5

This may be our first look at Google's upcoming Tensor G4 chipset in action. A Google device, codenamed Tokay, has been spotted running Geekbench 5 (yes, not 6) with what's supposedly a Tensor G4 chipset.

The device has 8GB of RAM, is running Android 14, and posted somewhat underwhelming scores in single and multi-core. The processor is an eight-core unit - the cluster is four cores at 1.95GHz, four at 2.6GHz, and one at a peak of 3.1GHz. The listing also reportedly shows a Mali G715 graphics processor.

This may be an upcoming Google Pixel 9 device, though neither the 9 (codenamed komodo) nor the 9 Pro (caiman) has the Tokay codename.

Take this listing with a solid grain of salt for now.

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