Galaxy Z Fold6 Slim (or Ultra) on its way with Galaxy S25 series

Galaxy Z Fold6 Slim (or Ultra) on its way with Galaxy S25 series

We're edging closer to the much-anticipated Galaxy Z Fold6 and Z Flip6 launch event, just under two months away. However, the excitement mounts with a tantalizing leak about the upcoming Z Fold6 Slim or Ultra – with Samsung yet to confirm the final marketing moniker.

Renowned insider Ross Young, as cited on X, reveals Samsung's strategic move to unveil a slimmer Z Fold6 variant alongside the Galaxy S25 series early in 2025. As suggested by its name, this foldable promises a sleeker profile compared to its predecessor while boasting an expanded display, marking another leap forward in foldable technology.

Reportedly, Samsung achieved a thinner design by omitting the digitizer used for the pen input, which in turn means no S Pen support.

The first batch of foldable panels used for the future Z Fold6 Slim/Ultra will arrive at Samsung's fabs in Q4 this year and if everything goes to plan, the handset should be made available in Q1 2025. The estimated price tag is said to be similar to the Z Fold6.

It looks like Samsung is expanding its foldable portfolio rapidly to maintain its edge over competitors by offering a wider range of foldable devices that could appeal to a larger audience. The rumored Galaxy Z Fold6 FE and Z Flip6 FE smartphones are also in the works, targeting a more affordable market niche.

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