Apple launches iOS 17.3 featuring Stolen Device Protection.

Apple launches iOS 17.3 featuring Stolen Device Protection.

Today Apple has released iOS 17.3 and iPadOS 17.3 to supported devices. As always with Apple mobile OS updates, these should already be available to everyone who wants them - no staggered shenanigans here like over in Google-land.

The new iOS update brings with it the new Stolen Device Protection feature. This feature brings an additional layer of security if someone has stolen your device and also has your passcode.

Using Stolen Device Protection, Face ID or Touch ID is required to access saved passwords, while changing sensitive settings like your Apple ID password or your device passcode is protected by a security delay (unless the iPhone is at familiar locations) - you need Face ID or Touch ID, then you have to wait an hour, and then you need to have an additional successful biometric authentication.

This is definitely one of those how has this not been a thing yet? features that just makes absolutely perfect sense. We're hoping Google and Android device makers will get inspired quickly to bring something similar to the other side of the fence too.

Additionally, the update adds a new wallpaper and Apple Music lets you collaborate on playlists with your friends (including adding emoji reactions to any track). AirPlay now has hotel support letting you stream content directly to the TV in your room in select hotels, and Crash detection has been optimized too.

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